You know the comforting feeling
when you call up your techie friend?

They give it to you straight, aren't trying to sell you anything, and help you out whenever they can.
Doesn't matter what you call about -- from your phone to your website -- you can trust that you're in good hands.

We specialize in custom programming, especially back-end web development, but are seasoned technologists who can help you with whatever you need including coordinating design and other professionals to get you taken care of.

Custom Web Development

Whether it's a simple static web page, or a powerful automated web application, or integrating different providers to streamline your business, we can do it all.

Executive Consultation

A number of our clients are business owners or executives who need a trusted tech advisor to handle their web presence or organize a team to accomplish technological objectives. We've been advising clients in that capacity for 15+ years.

Your Trusted Partner

The world of technology is fast-paced and always changing. You need someone you can trust to take care of things for you in the best way they know how, without trying to sell you on a big bill of services you might not need. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest!

Examples of Zyphon's work


When organizations need an expert to guide their development and interaction, they can trust Zyphon to help guide executives and developers through decisions, research, and obstacles to make sure objectives are achieved and best practices are followed.


Organizing and making accessible the world's information is an important task, and directories are a big part of that. Whether it's businesses or people or tools, it's wonderful to provide visibility to groups and automate certain tasks like billing, membership, status, location, and integration with third-party APIs.


Complete rewrites, restyling, internationalization, corporate proof-of-concepts and more, these dashboards let executives, employees, volunteers, and customers see what's going on. Usually fully-integrated with business systems to pull data automatically and show it in a simple, real-time way.


MetabolicRX Therapy is a system for improving health and fitness, and facilitating communication between patient and healthcare provider. It features a mobile interface, calorie logging, and easy access to reports and healthcare data to track weight loss progress.


Many websites need an integrated reservation form, quote system, or other interactive previewer, to give the customer an idea of what they're about to purchase. Here are some examples, which are typically fully-integrated to automatically update based on live data from other business systems.

Content Management

In this project Zyphon took a troubled Ruby on Rails project and turned it around, delivering a custom photography e-commerce website where the owner could upload hundreds of images at once, and automatically extract image metadata to let viewers browse photos by attendee information. We also implemented automatic resizing and watermarking.


Code doesn't just exist on computers and the Internet: code on embedded electronics can use hardware like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to interact physically with the real world. Whether you want to control lights, motors, doors, or push sensor data to the Internet, the sky is the limit.

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