Squarespace Quickbooks Integration

<img src="/user/pages/06.squarespace-quickbooks-integration/Email-1.png" alt="Screenshot of Quickbooks Online" style="width: 40%; float: right; margin-left: 2em;" /> <p>Do you have trouble keeping your eCommerce website and business running, when it's not easy to <strong>get your SquareSpace Commerce orders to show up in QuickBooks?</strong></p> <p>Have you tried <strong>Zapier</strong> and <strong>OneSaas</strong> and still felt disappointed?</p> <p>We know your pain (and your accountant's!) because we were in the same exact situation, faced with either inaccurate accounting or lots of manual effort. That's why we created a custom integration service specifically for handling SquareSpace Commerce orders and inputting them as either QuickBooks Invoices or Sales Receipts.</p> <p>This is a brand new service offered to you and custom designed to fit your needs at a great price during the beta, so <strong>to sign up please <a href="/contact">contact us</a> today!</strong></p>